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Aikido School of Self Defense
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Sensei Michael A. Stabile and Sensei Ginger Stabile began their training in Nihon Goshin Aikido  in 1993 in Middletown, NY under Shihan Robert B. MacEwen, Jr.. Shihan MacEwen, the highest ranked (Go-Dan) practitioner and U.S. Director of Nihon Goshin Aikido Association, he has been in the martial arts for over 50 years.  Sensei  Michael Stabile earned his Sho-Dan in 1997, his Ni-Dan in 2002,  his San-Dan in 2006 and his Yon-Dan in 2016. Sensei Ginger Stabile earned her Sho-Dan in 1999, her Ni-Dan in 2003, her San-Dan in 2008 and her Yon-Dan in 2016. Their school is the oldest Nihon Goshin Aikido school outside the New York, New Jersey area. Their approach to training of law enforcement, private security personnel and executive protection specialists have been documented on CNN and other Major television networks. They have also traveled to various parts of the United States instructing and speaking at Aikido seminars. Sensei Danielle Joy Stabile started her training in 1998 she completed all the requirements for her Black Belt in 2007  but had to wait untill she reach the age of 16, as do all members of our Association. She recieved her Sho-Dan (Black Belt) in 2011and her Ni-Dan in 2016. All through out her training she helped in ALL demos . Today Sensei Danielle is a large part of the Dojo. Also pictured below is future Sensei, Angelina Michelle Stabile.
Where Self Defense is a Science, NOT a Sideline